6 Contemporary Paving Trends for 2019

Are you searching for contemporary paving trends? Perhaps you need inspiration for a new driveway, patio revamp or a modern paved interior for your home? 

As we head into a new year, many of us are searching for ways to modernise our properties and give them a new lease of life. Whatever it may be, we’re here to help with the Infinite Paving guide to the top 6 contemporary paving trends for 2019.

From clean modern stones to traditional hand cut paving, each home has a different design, unique to its owner and heritage. So, not only can we help you keep up with the latest paving trends, we can select patterns, designs and cuts based on your property’s look and feel.

The top paving trends for 2019:

1. Bring the inside out

In the past, people have focused on bringing the outside in, with an abundance of greenery, open spaces and large windows with plenty of light. But now the tables have turned. The latest trend in home design is to take inspiration from the indoors and move it outside.

In 2019, we expect to see more homeowners seamlessly blending their outdoor space with their interior. Whether that’s through the use of similar colours, the transition from one entertainment space to another or the extension of paving from indoors to out.

For instance, you could team interior Brazilian grey slate with grey or black Brazilian slate for your outdoor space to create an effortless extension on your home. Add some large French windows and you’ve got the perfect contemporary spot for relaxing, entertaining or simply enjoying the English summer.

2. Keep things natural

As 2019 rolls in, do you want to start fresh, with a new, peaceful environment? 

It’s easy. Simply wave goodbye to bright, bold colours and welcome a relaxing, calming neutral feel for your home and garden. Opt for neutral shades and textures when looking for new paving for your garden, creating a unified sense of nature, as opposed to blocks of unnatural colour. Our Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving is the perfect choice for a natural look, with a riven surface for extra authenticity. We recommend hand split paving for a more natural design, which is ideal for gardens, driveways and even interior flooring.

3. Wood effect paving

In keeping with the nature trend this year, we’re expecting to see a growth in the use of wood effect paving in 2019. Scandinavian interior style has grown increasingly popular in recent years, with homeowners and designers loving the dark earthy tones and simple, natural looks.

Many people love the warm, natural ambience created by wood, but the real thing simply isn’t practical for indoor and outdoor flooring. Get the same cosy, stylish feel of wooden flooring without any of the issues of the real thing with contemporary wood effect paving.

Choose a light wood effect, such as the Sawn Teak Indian Sandstone for a bright, modern feel that will bring your home’s exterior to life. 

4. Mediterranean feel

Are you dreaming of lounging in a villa in Rome? Enjoying a glass of red in Sicily? Diving into a bowl of pasta in Venice? Well, with Italian Porcelain paving you can feel transported to the Mediterranean coast each time you step out into your garden. 

We predict Italian Porcelain will be a huge trend in 2019, bringing a taste of Mediterranean to your home. Choose a silver porcelain finish, with a light grey surface and a natural stone effect for a luxurious, contemporary look. The paving is of the highest quality, creating a polished and modern exterior for your home, whilst providing the hard-wearing durability and ease of maintenance that sets it apart from sawn natural stone paving. 

5. Monochromatic

One of the key trends this year, in all areas of interior design, is monochrome colour schemes. Opting for black, white or grey tones, with minimal colour or patterns, creates a chic, contemporary look throughout the home.

Team Kota Black Limestone Paving with contrasting white fabrics and furniture or go for a modern twist on a classic with granite flooring running through your home and garden. However you choose to style your monochrome paving, make a statement with bold blacks and pure whites.

6. Play with texture

Hand split, sawn silky smooth or porcelain – the texture of your paving plays a big part in the look and feel of your garden. People typically opt for one unified texture across all areas of their home. But, this year, things are set to change. By mixing up the textures and levels of your paving, you can create a stylish, contemporary and natural look for your garden.

Choose an irregular stone layout using paving with a variety of sizes, such as the Sawn Camel Dust Indian Sandstone, for a unique and modern look. Or, take it even further and go for a hand split stone, like the Rippon Indian Sandstone Paving, with added texture for an even more natural look. Add slabs of paving to pebbled areas to create a magical walkway across your garden, perfect for enjoying the upcoming Spring and Summer months.

Modernise your property with contemporary paving

Whether you want to add a splash of texture, transport your home to the Italian coast or transform your garden into a seamless extension, you’re in the perfect place.  

Reimagine your home this year with contemporary paving from Infinite Paving.

We have everything you need and more to transform your property into a glorious, modern haven. Take a look at our products today and be sure to get in touch with any questions – our friendly team are always on hand to help out in any way. 

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