How to Create a Beautiful Patio on a Budget

A patio is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. It creates a beautiful gathering area that family, friends and visitors can enjoy. That can include plenty of original features that a homeowner to create a personalised outdoor sanctuary. The question is, can you design a patio on a budget?

While it sounds like something that would come at a hefty price, a beautiful patio doesn’t have to cost the world. There are plenty of patio designs on a budget and cost-effective features that can be used to cut costs. These will make a massive difference to the appearance and usability of the outdoor space.

Get creative with paving

The material you use to create your patio and the surrounding areas will likely have the most significant effect on cost. With this in mind, many people choose materials that will survive over long periods of time. Using high-quality materials means your patio on a budget will be able to withstand a range of weather conditions, such as rain, snow and ice. Block paving is ideal for this.

However, within this, there are also a wide variety of paving choices available. Whether it’s different patterns, sizes or colours, paving offers enough choice to suit anyone's preferences.

Rippon Indian Sandstone paving, for example, offers a warm, traditional look that looks great in a basket weave or a stretcher bond style. Or, for a classy, on-trend patio design on a budget, our Brazilian Grey Slate can be used for a stylish area to relax in.

Rippon Indian Sandstone Paving

Brazilian Grey Slate

Upcycle old furniture

A fundamental way to achieve your dream patio on a budget is by repurposing old furniture. The garden space is a fantastic area for this and can help to turn something unwanted into a prized piece.

Through the magic of upcycling, items such as old seats, crates or cupboards can be transformed into anything your imagination and ability will allow. You could upcycle anything from plant pots and potting tables to birdbaths and more.

The best-upcycled garden ideas are often the most eclectic and original. One of our favourite concepts is to take an old birdcage and spruce it up into a gorgeous hanging basket by giving it a simple lick of paint and planting some of your favourite flowers inside.

You can get as inventive as you like. If your skills don't stretch to painting, you can instead simply choose to decorate old tables and chairs with rugs, cushions and pillows to add a dash of colour and comfort.

This may take a little bit of time, and it can be hard to ensure the item matches your outdoor aesthetic, but the time spent will all be worth it in the end as you'll be left with a stunning and unique piece of garden furniture at a fraction of a store-bought price.

Consider the lighting

Using different types of lighting can be a great way to give your patio a homely feel once darkness falls. While this will add to the cost, there are plenty of affordable lighting options available to those looking to light up their patio design while on a budget.

Firstly, ready-made solar lights are an excellent way to add illumination to your patio. Not only are they inexpensive to purchase, but they also cost absolutely nothing to run as they use power generated from the sunlight during the day. This casts a pretty glow in the night-time.

Another inexpensive option of lighting up your patio is by hanging strings of outdoor fairy lights from trees or wooden panels you have around the garden area. These types of lights are perfect for contributing towards an enchanting backdrop for your newly converted patio. However, make sure that they are the types of lights that can withstand all kinds of weather as we all know how temperamental the British seasons can be.

Add colour with carefully placed plants

Perhaps the easiest way to breath life into your new patio while sticking to a budget is to add a colourful selection of flowers, plants and vegetation. They're inexpensive, classic, and look right at home.

This is where an artistic mind really can shine, even on a smaller budget, as pops of colour can imaginatively be added to spots of the patio that need that extra wow-factor.

Whether you go for pansies or you opt for swathes of sunflowers, good old-fashioned begonias or eye-catching strawberries, plants will give a blast of vibrant colour that will freshen up and provide an explosion of vibrant colour in any patio, whatever the budget.

If you're limited on space in your outdoor area, perhaps consider removing a few of your slabs at random and adding flowers to create small but beautiful green areas. By reducing the number of slabs you need, this will bring down the overall cost of your patio.

Invest in the warmth of a firepit

Firepits are a fun and inexpensive way to add a much-needed centrepiece to your patio that really makes it pop. Not only will it give a welcoming and inviting atmosphere to guests of your home, but a firepit will also make your fantastic furniture and décor look even more homely when lit up by the glowing fire.

There are many options out there with ranging price points and styles, but even the most chic and modern fire pits are surprisingly affordable.

Even if the price point is a little more than you were hoping for, consider it a worthwhile investment. The addition of a firepit will allow you to spend a lot more time on your new patio than you otherwise would without one. But be advised, if you have a smaller space for your patio, it is recommended to opt for an enclosed fireplace for safety reasons.

A great way to help your fire pit fit in with the surrounding patio area is by using paves to decorate the pit. Stone slabs can also be excellent for ensuring safety and can give the space a complete look. Brazilian Black Slate works exceptionally well to deliver a standout effect.

Brazilian Black Slate

Design your patio on a budget

Infinite Paving’s wide range of cost-effective paving options make it easier to create a patio on a budget. Best of all, if you buy through us, you won’t need to buy twice. All our products are high quality, strong and durable, so you can rest assured your patio will stand the test of time.

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