Introduction to Back Garden Paving

Once you’ve decided on adding back garden paving, there are a few things to consider. From back garden paving costs and planning permissions to design ideas and paving types, there’s plenty to think about before installing your new paving.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before starting to work on paving your back garden, including some unique back garden paving ideas.

Do I need Planning Permission for paving my garden?

After the big floods around the UK in 2007, paving gardens or driveways sometimes requires permission. Since the law took effect in 2008, it is illegal to pave an area of more than 5 square meters without consideration of where the water would drain to. This rule applies only to England, however. Scotland and Wales have their own different policies regarding this matter.

So, if you are planning to install a surface that will drain water into existing drains, you will probably need to get planning permission from your local council first. This applies to anybody who considers installing paving slabs, block pavers, concrete or any other non-porous surface on a surface that drains naturally.

With this law in force, the government intends to avoid flooding costs of over £270 million a year and save valuable wildlife habitat. You would only be exempt from getting this permission if in your garden surface water is not directed to existing drains.

Back garden paving ideas

After getting planning permission, it’s time to start the fun part – planning your design. When it comes to laying back garden paving, it’s best to think of it as more than a functional space. There’s a chance to play with textures, sizes, colours and laying patterns to set a beautiful outdoor space.

Here are some simple ideas on back garden paving to create a patio design you can be proud of.

Colourful inspiration

Adding multicolour slabs or mixing two different colours is a great way to build a space like no other. Define a colour palette for your back garden and start imagining all the possibilities. Incorporate colourful gravel or some planting space for flowers to bring a cheerful look for your patio.

You could also combine your outdoor colour palette with your indoor style for a lovely combined design.

Diversity in shapes and sizes

When we think of paving, the first thing that comes to mind is square standard slabs of uniform size, but this doesn’t need to be the case for your patio. Nowadays, you can choose from paving slabs in dozens of different shapes and sizes.

A round paving area can be a striking feature for your back garden. Choose from circle kits that in Autumn Brown, Ray Green, Kandla Grey and Mint Fossil Indian sandstone. Another way to use these slabs is to create a square paved area with curved details. Or use them in corners to join a round paving area to the edge of a house wall.

Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone Circles

You can also create a great look with regular square and rectangular pieces – it just depends on the pattern you lay them in. Choose a mixed size pack and try laying square, rectangular and plank-shaped slabs in staggered brick patterns or any other pattern you like. These combined packs often come with different sizes and a range of colours to create the paving pattern that suits your garden.

Explore the textures

Colour and size are not the only qualities that differentiate slabs from each other. Texture is an essential feature too. From smooth and shiny to raw and rough paving texture, there are plenty of options out there which can add to the overall look and feel of your back garden paving.

For a more rustic look, unpolished natural stone paving is an excellent option. These unpolished slabs offer better toehold that could be useful in houses with small children. On the other hand, a polished natural stone slab looks more modern and sophisticated.

Incorporate cobbles

For a traditional or country-style residence, a back garden including cobbles can be a wonderful match. Natural stone cobbles are a sturdy and durable paving option that add a touch of rustic charm.

Raj Green Indian Sandstone Cobbles/Setts

If a whole patio of cobbles is a bit too much, you can use them for edges and details to enhance a pattern or determine a section.

Back garden paving costs

When calculating the cost of your new back garden there are many factors to consider. Some of them are within your control, but others aren’t.

The first thing to consider is the style you chose for your back garden. Moneywise it is not the same to lay a square area with cheap concrete slabs than covering the same area with specially cut natural stone slabs. Paving materials will be the second biggest cost on your back garden project, so make sure you have a budget set aside.

Garden’s natural features

Next, you will need to consider the amount of pre-patio preparation needed. If you’re replacing an old patio with different slabs, you’ll probably only need minimal preparation. Otherwise, you might be in for a long slog.

Doing this preparation yourself is possible, if you take it step-by-step. But keep in mind that it won’t be easy. Having this part of the job done by someone with experience would obviously mean higher costs, but could save you a lot of hard work.

Observe your garden’s natural features and decide how you will incorporate them to your garden design. The garden’s slope, its immovable objects or existing plants and trees have to be taken into account before laying the paving.

Factor in labour

Hiring a professional garden designer may be a difficult decision to make, as there will be additional upfront costs. But in the long run, they might be the most suitable option as they have access to materials and ideas to reduce costs you would never have considered.

When choosing a builder or landscape gardener to lay your patio the best way is to search for recommendations from friends and family. The labour cost will vary depending on where you live, but is typically between £75 and £100 per square metre for the preparation and to bed the slabs down on mortar mix.

Contact the experts

If you want to add the perfect paved area to your back garden, Infinite Paving can help. We stock a wide range of high-quality stone paving options for commercial and domestic customers. With free delivery and over a decade of experience, you can rest assured you’ll get great customer service too. Browse our full range today to find the right fit for your paving project.

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