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  • Decking vs Paving for Your Garden: What’s Best for Me?

    Gardens are ideal for making the most of fresh air and nice weather without having to go too far afield. But deciding what to do with your garden can be tricky.

    There are many pros and cons to decking and paving, but ultimately it all comes down to your own needs, desires and your garden’s landscape. So how can you choose between the two?

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  • 5 Driveway Paving Ideas for Your Home

    First impressions are everything, so what impression is your home giving?

    When people pull up outside, the first thing they are likely to see is your driveway. It’s not just a place to park your car in the evening, it’s an opportunity to show your personality. Whether you’re a fan of a block paving driveway or an alternative, there are a lot of choices to consider.

    With that in mind, is your driveway in need of an upgrade?

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  • Introduction to Back Garden Paving

    Once you’ve decided on adding back garden paving, there are a few things to consider. From back garden paving costs and planning permissions to design ideas and paving types, there’s plenty to think about before installing your new paving.

    In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before starting to work on paving your back garden, including some unique back garden paving ideas.

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  • Choosing the Best Block Paving Colour for You

    Searching for the best block paving for your project? Colour will inevitably be a key factor, with plenty of options to choose from. Fortunately, you can narrow this down quite a bit simply by considering the specific requirements of your project.

    From matching and contrasting stones to practical aspects like stain resistance, there’s plenty to take into consideration. In this post, we’ll guide you through the selection process to find the best block paving colour for you.

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  • How to Lay Stepping Stones on Gravel in 8 Simple Steps

    Mint Fossil Sandstone

    A stepping-stone path is a beautiful way to finish any garden or patio area. And as a specialist paving supplier, we’re frequently asked how to lay stepping stones.

    While laying the slabs directly on the gravel is a quick and easy option, the stepping stones will typically become loose and start shifting as time goes on. Alternatively, you can take a few more steps to create a path that’s firmer and more durable.

    Want to create the perfect stepping-stone path by fixing your paving strongly on a gravel surface? Read on for our step-by-step guide on how to lay stepping stones on gravel.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Natural Stone Flooring

    Whether it’s used for internal or external decoration, there is no doubting the elegance natural stone brings to a house.

    Each type of stone has slightly different properties and it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing the perfect one for your floor. That’s why in this post, we’ll walk you through the specific characteristics and benefits of each natural stone and give you some ideas on how to use them.

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  • Which Type of Paving is Best for my Heritage Property?

    Heritage properties have a distinct style, from the architecture to the original doors and windows. It’s important that their heritage paving matches this style, both for the overall appearance and to retain the value of the property.

    However, choosing paving for your property can seem like a minefield if you’ve never made the choice before. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the different paving options for heritage properties and which is best for you.

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  • 3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Patio Slabs

    Just like anything else, paving won’t last forever. But if your patio is looking worse for wear, you’re probably wondering whether you can make do, or if it’s time to replace it. After all, replacing old patio slabs is a big job to do on a whim.

    Before you go digging up your patio, you should be aware of the signs that tell you it’s time to make some changes. In this post, we’ll look at three tell-tale signs that time is up for your existing patio slabs – and how to go about replacing them.

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  • 6 Contemporary Paving Trends for 2019

    Are you searching for contemporary paving trends? Perhaps you need inspiration for a new driveway, patio revamp or a modern paved interior for your home? 

    As we head into a new year, many of us are searching for ways to modernise our properties and give them a new lease of life. Whatever it may be, we’re here to help with the Infinite Paving guide to the top 6 contemporary paving trends for 2019.

    From clean modern stones to traditional hand cut paving, each home has a different design, unique to its owner and heritage. So, not only can we help you keep up with the latest paving trends, we can select patterns, designs and cuts based on your property’s look and feel.

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  • A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Paving

    rainbow indian sandstone

    There are so many different types of paving, which is fantastic – as there’s something for everybody. However, the world of paving can be tricky to navigate, especially for those without experience. With so many designs out there, different types of paving and a variety of finishes to go for, it can be difficult to know which is right for you.

    Wanting to extend your driveway? Give your garden a new lease of life? Perhaps you want to give your home interior a makeover? For a number of homeowners out there, paving is the dream solution to a number of problems – but which type of paving should you pick? 

    Fear not. The experts here at Infinite Paving are here to help you choose. Read on for our complete guide to the different types of paving…

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