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Hand Split Paving

Hand Split Paving

Hand split natural stone paving slabs with a riven surface. The surface of these natural stone slabs will have the undulations left when the sediment settled on the seabed many millions of years ago. From Indian sandstone paving and Indian limestone paving to Brazilian slate.

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Natural Stone Paving

Natural stones for paving are some of the most popular and beautiful of all paving materials, offering a wide range of colours, shape and size. Natural stone is extremely strong and durable, standing up to wear and tear and lasting a long time. You can purchase natural stone paving slabs in a variety of shapes, sizes or blocks to create a gorgeous patio. No matter what you are looking for, natural stone is an ideal material for your paving needs.

Types of Natural Stones

Natural stones that are most commonly and popularly used in interior and exterior applications include sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, marble, and travertine. All of these natural stones work great for various types of applications. They come in different finishes to suit your needs and allow you to make natural stone paving slabs a key element in your property and garden design. You can also accent your natural stone paving with other types of stone on your property or garden, such as putting a border of cobbles around your patio.

Benefits of Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone products are extremely durable and stand up to wear and tear from use and weather, which will both slowly affect your paving over time. By investing a little more in having them laid properly, you will make sure you don’t need to replace or repair your paving as often. Natural stone paving products require very little maintenance, requiring only the occasional cleaning, usually done with a pressure washer.

Natural stone paving offers a great variety and allows you to create different styles and patterns. They come in different colours, textures, finishes, and designs to suit the look you are after. This allows you to match a natural stone to the paving job required, creating the perfect paving for your property.

Laying Natural Stone Paving

We recommend laying natural stone paving on a full bed of sand and cement mix to a ratio of 5:1. This will help avoid any patches on your stone paving coming up from below. Calibrated natural stone paving is machined to the same thickness, usually 22mm, to make it easier to lay as you will not spend as much time levelling your paving slabs.

We recommend sealing all sawn paving to prevent staining, absorbing colour from the cement mix or salt from the sand below, with a natural stone sealant such as Geofix Natural Stone Protector. We recommend sealing the paving slabs on all 6 sides prior to laying.

For all slate paving, we recommend painting on a bonding material such as PVA or SBR onto the underside to help adhesion to the sand and cement mix.


Natural Stone Paving Applications

Given the quality of natural stone in terms of durability, performance, and longevity, natural stone products are ideally suited for a range of both internal and external uses on your property. Used in your home and garden, natural stone paving helps add beauty and style to your property.