4 Ways To Transform Your Old Garden Paving

4 Ways To Transform Your Old Garden Paving

Is your old garden paving run down and unloved? 

You can transform your dirty old paving into a stunning outdoor area that you are proud of with these four steps. While you may think it is beyond repair, we can assure you that it is not. A small amount of TLC and care can give a whole new lease of life to your paving and transform your outdoor areas. 

In the unprecedented times that the country currently finds itself in, we know that it can be a struggle for people to afford brand-new patios. These 4 steps will give you the opportunity to bring your patio back to life for a fraction of the cost of a new patio. Allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor patio come spring/summer.


1 - Give Your Patio A Deep Clean



You would be incredibly surprised at just how well your paving slabs come up after a full deep clean. For proper maintenance of your patio, you should clean your patio every few months. If this has been neglected for a number of years then there will more than likely be a build-up of moss, algae, weeds and dirt. A deep clean will allow you to get rid of this unwanted filth and allow you to see the beautiful stones that lay beneath. 


There are a plethora of different amazing ways that you can deep clean your patio. The first step that should always be taken would be to get rid of the weeds and moss, this can be done simply and effectively by hand. What you would then want to do is jet wash your paving thoroughly and carefully to bring up any excess dirt deep within the stone that can be difficult to reach. You then should sweep away the dislodged dirt using a soft bristled brush. Then simply rewash the stones quickly and leave them to dry. You should be able to notice a huge difference in your paving stone. 


However, while performing the deep clean on your paving you should always take great care to ensure you do not damage your paving stones. You should always avoid using hard acids on your pavers, this is because the acid can erode away at the surface of the stone and cause considerable damage, In addition to this, when using a jet wash you should always keep the nozzle over a foot away from the stone to avoid any irreparable and unwanted damage from occurring. 


2 - Add Patio Furniture



Another phenomenal way of transforming your patio is by simply adding some stylish patio furniture. After deep cleaning your patio, dressing it up with stylish furniture can make a stunning outdoor area that you want to utilise over the spring/summer months. Garden furniture allows you to add your own style to your outdoor area and create an area that you want to utilise and spend your time in. 


There are a huge amount of different garden furniture pieces that can give your garden a new lease of life. Not only does the furniture help to create a cosy atmosphere, but you can also utilise it effectively to cover any blemishes or imperfections that exist on your paving. Sometimes with old and unloved paving, cracks can be impossible to avoid, therefore furniture can be an amazing way to hide and cover them up. 


Adding seating, tables, fire pits, heaters and so much more, can give your paving an element of character that makes it feel like a more integral part of your home.


3 - Re-Grout Your Paving



If your patio has been left for an extended period of time without any real care then it is very likely that there will be very little grout remaining. Grout is very important for your paving, especially in the colder and wetter winter months. 


Grouting your paving has a huge amount of benefits that make it a must when transforming your paving. The most superficial benefit is the fact that it drastically improves the overall aesthetic of the paving. This is because it gives the paving a complete and polished look. However, grouting also helps to keep the paving stones in place to prevent them from damaging. It also makes the stones more watertight and less susceptible to moisture penetrating the stone. 


Grouting your paving is a relatively simple job. You need to make sure that your pavers are fully clean. Then mix your jointing compound together and load some onto your trowel. You should then carefully fill the paving gaps, trying not to get any of the mixtures on the pavers. Make sure to put down the mortar to ensure that the gaps are full and then scrape off any excess mortar. Then simply leave it to dry (how to grout your paving stones).


4 - Resurfacing The Paving Stones



This is not what we would first recommend when transforming your old paving as it can be very intricate and long. But it can also fully transform your paving into something brand new. Pulling up your paving with the intention of resurfacing the stones gives you complete control over the aesthetic of your stones. You have the ability to change how they look and create a whole new paving area. 


This would involve pulling up the paving stones, and then ensuring the surface is fully flat before relaying the stones however you want. You would also have to fully regrout the paving to secure them in place and ensure that your paving is weather resistant. 

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