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Indian Sandstone Paving

Since 2009 we have built a reputation for supplying the highest quality natural stone paving available whilst maintaining the most competitive prices on the market. Whether it is Indian sandstone, limestone or Brazilian slate, for exterior or interior use, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your needs. I have personally been to the mines in India to source the best stone I can offer you, whilst working with our suppliers to maintain the highest fair and ethical trading standards possible.

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Indian Sandstone Paving

Indian stone, in particular Indian sandstone, make for great paving materials that are easy to work with and provide a durable and long-lasting product, whilst giving a stunning appearance to complement your home or business.

At Infinite Paving, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality paving materials and service, along with the best prices on the market. If you’d like to get Indian stone or Indian sandstone for any of your paving applications, look no further! We offer a wide range of services and paving options with Indian stone as well as other natural stones.

Natural Stone for Paving

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful and sought after materials to be used in paving. It is extremely strong, durable, and solid. It can range from a more classic, traditional, and natural look to a more contemporary look and feel when used in paving your patio, walkway, or driveway. These stones come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, or colours; as long as you’re willing to look you will be able to find a natural stone paving that works for your space.

The strength and durability that you get with natural stone paving products have historically come at a cost, with natural stones being more expensive than other paving options. However in recent years, the import of natural stone paving from places like India and Brazil, have allowed it to compete with concrete products whilst offering a far nicer appearance.

Whenever purchasing natural stone for your paving needs, you want to consider the various looks each type of paving can offer. Hand split paving will offer more traditional looks, whilst sawn paving will offer a more contemporary and chic look. The most versatile natural stone in terms of finish is Indian sandstone paving, but we also offer other types of stone like Indian limestone paving or Brazilian slate paving.

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone is a popular stone used for various types of paving, including pathways, driveways, and garden walkways and accents. It is easy to cut, size, and shape considering how hard and durable it is. These sandstones are less expensive than some other stones like granite or marble, while still offering the benefits of a natural stone paving slab.

All natural stone paving will have slight variations in colour and surface texture which is what gives natural stone paving it’s charm and character. The variety and colours offered with sandstone paving slabs allow you to create a range of patterns and styles that will make your paving look beautiful.

Indian Sandstone

Indian sandstone has gained popularity in the UK for uses in paving, such as patios, walkways, and driveways. This is because it not only has it’s natural appeal, but it also offers strong quality and long-lasting durability to ensure that it will hold up to wear and tear, at a cost that competes with concrete paving, whilst offering a superior look.

Infinite Paving offers various Indian Sandstone paving products for a range of applications and desired looks.

Indian Sandstone Paving Applications

Indian sandstone can be used in a variety of paving applications to make your property look beautiful and professional, both in your front garden or rear. Indian sandstone paving can be used for garden patios, pathways, walkways, and driveways. It can be used for cobbles, walling, or accenting various areas of your property. It has a wide variety of uses in your garden with a bit of imagination.

Choosing Indian Sandstone Paving

Whether or not you’ve set your mind on natural stone for your paving, Indian Stone or Indian Sandstone are both perfect options for paving applications. They are high-grade and durable materials that will stand up to weather and impact stress. They give you an incredible amount of quality while still providing the best in style and design, even featuring various texture and colour options to make sure you can create unique patterns, designs, and styles. If you’re looking for Indian Stone or Indian Sandstone Paving services, Infinite Paving is here to help! Call us any time to get information about natural stone paving or place an order directly on our website!