5 Exciting Ways to Use Natural Stone for Your Patio

5 Exciting Ways to Use Natural Stone for Your Patio

Brighter evenings, bluer skies and fewer layers. Spring is here, and it’s time to show your garden some much-needed TLC after the long winter months.
But we’re not just talking about planting, potting and pruning. We’re imagining something bigger, bolder and more brilliant… It’s time to revamp your garden patio. 

The quintessential British garden patio is a hub of activity. From barbecues and Pimm’s after work to chilled evenings reclining under the stars with friends and family, they bring people together and provide a personal oasis of calm away from busy daily lives. 

In essence, garden patios are an extension of your living area, and they deserve as much time and consideration as your kitchen, living and dining rooms. Read on as we explore how to make your patio stand out with natural stone.


When it comes to planning a patio, choosing the right material is paramount.

In the past, concrete paving slabs were a popular choice. But nowadays people want durability, rustic charm and environmentally friendly material that can eventually be recycled.



It’s impossible to match the unrivalled beauty of a natural stone patio. While concrete slabs are manufactured to look identical, each natural stone slab boasts a unique character and pattern. No two areas will ever look the same.

Plus, like all the best things in life (wine, whisky and cheese), natural stone ages beautifully, and there are so many ways to use it to create a standout effect.



Riven slabs provide a textured finish by splitting the natural stone along its line of cleavage, which reveals the original grains and clefts. By retaining the stone’s unpolished and uneven surface, these slabs look homier and more rustic.

They fit in seamlessly with more traditional houses as they accentuate the environment’s grandeur, and they look especially gorgeous framed by wild gardens and natural foliage.

Raj Green natural Indian sandstone paving slabs are ultra-versatile and hand-split to give a riven surface. Place them with minimal joints to create a more contemporary look or widen the joints for a cracked-earth, Grecian aesthetic.

The stone is astoundingly beautiful with unique patterns, tonal variations and differences in colour ranging from greeny grey to brown and grey. 


If you’re not a fan of playing it safe, opt for contrasting shades and a standout splash of colour – ideal for modern properties that want to make a statement.

Kota Black Limestone is a dense stone that’s hard-wearing and requires sealing to maintain its colour. Despite needing some extra TLC, it’s a massively popular option due to its extraordinary WOW factor and ability to deliver a style that’s both bold and minimalist.

With a midnight sheen, it displays consistent tones of charcoal grey when dry and becomes jet black when wet. As with all natural stone paving, each slab has individual patterns, tonal variations and depths of colour.

For maximum effect, complement the inky natural stone patio by framing it with an array of dazzling flowers, outdoor fairy lights or bright garden ornaments.


Sometimes, less really is more, and you don’t need fancy slabs and complicated patterns to make an impact.

Plenty of people have already discovered the power of a clean, functional and straightforward design, which is why Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone is such a hugely popular choice in the UK.

As well as being highly weather resistant (important to combat those dreary British summers), its bright silver-grey colour magnifies your garden’s space, making the environment feel bigger and more welcoming.

The material is understated yet elegant and highly adaptable - its monochrome hues complement modern gardens while the hand-split riven surface lends itself to more traditional settings. 

Kandla Grey slabs provide limitless possibilities for your patio design as they come in a variety of finishes including machine-cut edge, tumbled, antiqued, calibrated and hand-cut.



Not every outdoorsy person has green fingers. Some prefer a stripped-back and functional space for entertaining friends and family. So, if you love gardens without the gardening, install a colourful natural stone patio that’ll counteract the sparseness of your outdoor area without looking garish. 

Sawn Camel Dust Indian Sandstone offers a mellow (but pretty kaleidoscopic) blend of buff, greeny greys and light pinks, which sets it apart from the usual browns and greys.

The original mix of colours, marked by unique banding and patterning, is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests while adding much-needed warmth to your garden area.

As this precious natural stone speaks for itself, there’s no need to stress with high maintenance flowers, avant-garde furniture or complicated water features.



Variety is the spice of life, so introduce different shapes or interesting mosaic patterns to make your patio especially eye-catching.

 With its distinctive colouring and patchwork aesthetic, Sagar Black Indian Sandstone offers plenty of variety and adds pizzazz to both modern and traditional gardens.

Its earthy charcoal grey and red-brown palette means it blends in seamlessly with your garden’s natural foliage and existing planting.

Alternatively, to exaggerate the nuances of colour in the stone, install a multi-coloured pebble border.


With the boom in natural stone products, it’s never been easier to create a patio that’ll impress your guests and serve you for years to come.

However, redesigning and maintaining a natural stone patio is a significant investment, which means you want to find the highest-quality, long-lasting and most ethical materials available. 

At Infinite Paving, we pride ourselves in supplying the best prices on the highest quality natural and porcelain stone paving. Whether it is Indian sandstone, limestone, Brazilian slate or granite, for exterior or interior use, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your needs.

Browse our full range of natural stone paving today and get started on building the patio of your dreams.

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