5 Cost-Effective Ways To Cover Old Paving Slabs

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Cover Old Paving Slabs

With spring now here and summer fast approaching, you may be looking at your old and worn-out paving stones and wondering how you can transform the area. While this may seem like a relatively expensive task, you would be surprised at how much you can elevate the aesthetic of the patio for only a small sum of money. 

A patio is a hugely important part of a garden, this is because they typically take up a large proportion of your garden space. Therefore making sure that this area looks neat and tidy is paramount when you are going to be spending a large amount of time in your outdoor space over the warmer summer months. 

You do not need to be spending a fortune on improving your patio, there are a huge amount of things that you can do to elevate the space without spending a small fortune. 

1 - Use Outdoor Floor Paint


If you want a cheap and simple way of elevating your patio's aesthetic, you can simply ‘add a lick of paint’. Paint is a phenomenal way of freshening up and changing the look of anything, and can actually be used on paving stones. 

While patio or concrete paint is not an incredibly long-lasting or durable option that will last you years, it is perfect for adding a short-term aesthetic boost that will transform the space for the summer. It is also an incredibly inexpensive way to cover concrete slabs, simple and gives you complete customization of colours for your patio stones. 

All you will need to do is perform a deep clean to prepare your patio for the paint. Then simply apply a few layers of paint until the finish is what you are looking for. You then have a fresh-looking patio that has not cost you an arm and a leg. 

We do have to preface this warning that this is not a good idea if your patio is relatively new and could damage the stones. You will struggle to get the paving back to its original look, so this would only really be useful for older paving stones that you are potentially thinking about replacing in the foreseeable future. 

2 - Add An Outdoor Rug 


Another cheap patio cover idea to add a whole new look to your old and run-down patio areas would be to add a stylish and clean outdoor rug. This is a phenomenal option as you can find rugs in all different sizes, styles and colours to ensure that the rug fits into or creates a charm and character in your garden. 

Outdoor rugs are amazing as they can be used to cover areas that are particularly worn down or damaged to give a cleaner and more uniform look to your paving. They can also help to draw attention away from the old paving stones and onto the new clean and stylish rug. This will also help you to feel more proud of your patio area and therefore utilise it more in the summer spells of nice weather. 

With these outdoor rugs, the bigger the better. The more space they take up, the easier they fit into the aesthetic of the patio. You can then add your patio furniture on top of the rug to create a stunning, stylish and comfortable space to spend your time over the summer months. 

It's Super important that you ensure that you are purchasing an outdoor rug to ensure that they are fully waterproof and can cope with the unpredictable weather that comes along with British summers. These will help to ensure that your patio space stays looking clean and aesthetic over the summer. 

3 - Decorate With Flowers & Plants 


Another extremely simple way of transforming your old garden patio into a space where you feel proud to relax and entertain over the summer period is by adding stunning plants and flowers. Plants and flowers never fail to add a touch of beauty and elegance to any area and you're worn-down, discoloured stones could undoubtedly do with a touch of colour and beauty. 

You can completely transform your space and create a whole new bright and natural oasis that will complete the aesthetic of your garden and create a peaceful space to wind down over the warmer months. 

Placing both small and large potted plants around your old patio will undoubtedly help to draw any eyes away from the unsightly damage and discolouration of your old stones. It will do this by adding a pop of colour and life to your space that will create a much more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that you can enjoy over the summer months. 

In addition to this, you could also add some flower bedding to your patio. This will not only help to cover damaged areas of your patio but will also completely elevate the aesthetic by allowing you to decorate the beds with stunning flowers. 

4 - Lay New Paving Stones 


Another way of elevating the aesthetic of your old decrepit stone or concrete patio is by laying new paving stones. While this is not typically the best way to lay brand-new paving stones, it can be done and will also make the cost of the installation far cheaper as you will not have to have the stones taken up. 

The ability to effectively make a DIY patio very much depends on how your current stones have been laid. If they are all uneven and raised then you will struggle to lay a new paving that is even. However, if you have a flat patio-like concrete then this will make the new installation far easier. 

While we would always recommend that you have an experienced labourer lay your paving stones to ensure that the installation has been done to the highest quality standards, to save on labour costs you can lay the stones yourself. 

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5 - Add Some Artificial Grass 


If you have a large paving area that has seen better days then a brilliant way of changing the aesthetic of the patio would be to add an area of artificial turf. This is a phenomenal way of helping your outdoor space feel far more like a garden. 

Many houses have fully paved outdoor areas that have very much seen better days. Simply adding a small amount of artificial turf will fully transform the outdoor space and create a much brighter and fresher area for you to enjoy. 

Installation is far easier than you would expect. All you need to do is clean your paving thoroughly and let it dry. Then cut your turf down to size, apply the adhesive to the area then simply lay the turf and leave it to dry. In just a few days you will have a completely transformed outdoor area that you will be itching to utilise over the sunny summer spells. 

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