What Are The Benefits Of Brazilian Slate Paving

What Are The Benefits Of Brazilian Slate Paving

Brazilian slate paving is by far one of the most stunning and modern paving stone options on the market currently. It is often used to create a sense of luxury for both interior and exterior use and has become increasingly popular in the last decade among the public. 


But there are plenty more reasons than its looks why this beautiful slate is hugely popular. In this article, we will look at the origin of Brazilian slate paving and its amazing benefits that make it one of the most popular paving stones today. 


What Is Brazilian Slate Paving


 Brazilian slate paving is a very premium paving stone option which features a beautiful and natural finish. The Brazilian slate has a very clean split surface which is very smooth. The stunning stones come in two very distinctive, luxurious and high-end colours, Black Brazilian Slate Paving and Grey Brazilian Slate Paving


A huge majority of Brazilian slate comes from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais in the southeast of the country. Brazil has become a huge player in the slate production industry.


What Are The Benefits Of Brazilian Slate Paving



The hugely popular Brazilian slate tiles have a huge amount of benefits that make them the perfect material for both interior and exterior pavings. 


Highly Durable


One of the Brazilian slate paving main benefits that make it a phenomenal material for paving is its immense durability. The stunning natural stone makeup will allow the stone to hold up in even the harshest of weather conditions without the wear and tear that is typically associated with extreme weather conditions that can often occur in the UK. 


This is perfect for your paving as it will experience a huge amount of weather conditions throughout the year as the seasons change. Its durability will also ensure that the beautiful natural slate paving will last the test of time and therefore make it a wonderful investment into your home. 


The slate is so durable thanks to the fact that even though it features an incredibly smooth surface, it is incredibly densely layered. This, therefore, means that the structure of the slate is incredibly brittle and strong which should stop the paving stones from cracking, chipping or being damaged in any way.


Stunning Aesthetic


The reason why the popularity of Brazilian slate paving has grown exponentially over the last few years is mostly due to its incredibly high-quality and stunning aesthetic. The natural slate has a breathtaking texture which is sure to stand out above, and last longer than other natural stones. 


The Black Brazilian slate paving stones feature mysterious deep dark tones with a stunning lightly riven surface. This gives the stone an incredibly luxurious feel that will transform the aesthetic of your garden area. These gorgeous dark tones are further accentuated once wet helping to give your paving an enchanting look all year round. 


The colour of natural stone is derived from its chemical and mineral composition. Each different slate has a different composition and therefore different colours. Brazilian slate composition is mainly made up of carbon. This is why it only comes in two different colours, grey and black.


Stain Resistant


Brazilian slate paving is perfect for both indoor and outdoor flooring, this is because, on top of its other countless amazing benefits, the slate is also stain resistant. This is an incredibly important property for paving as it is consistently put through the wear and tear of the changing seasons as well as the wear and tear that comes with the paving being used for gatherings involving drinks and food. 


The natural elements that make up the structure of this stunning stone are bonded in such a way that it makes it almost impossible for stains to penetrate the stone and result in stains. Not only does this help to keep the stunning aesthetic of the stone perfectly intact for longer but it also helps to make the stone far more low maintenance and therefore easier to maintain to ensure a longer lifespan. 


Pavings are particularly vulnerable to stains from everyday things such as leaves, algae, dirt and more but this Brazilian slate will ensure that you don't have to worry about this. If you see a build-up of any of these on your paving then all you need to do is clean them off with a jet wash and your paving will come up perfect.


Low Maintenance


Both black Brazilian slate and grey Brazilian slate are incredibly low maintenance for a number of different reasons. The natural stone is easy to clean, hard wearing and water resistant. This means that the upkeep of the stone is incredibly simple and that keeping the stone looking stunning takes very little effort. 


All that you need to do is perform a clean of your paving every few months, or more frequently in the winter months. Simply use a soft-bristled brush to dislodge standing dirt and then use a jet wash all over your patio. Once you have washed down your whole patio simply rush all standing water off the paving and then wait to dry.


Brazilian Slate Paving At Infinite Paving


Add a sense of luxury to your home's interior or outdoor interior with our stunning range of Brazilian slates. We offer both Brazilian black slate paving and Brazilian grey slate paving in a huge range of different sizes, so no matter what size you are after you can be sure we have you covered. 

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