How To Get Rid Of Moss On Patio

How To Get Rid Of Moss On Patio

With spring finally here, now more than ever is the time to get your paving in tip-top shape to ensure that it's looking its best when the warmer weather arrives. One thing that can truly ruin the aesthetic of your paving if not dealt with is moss. 

Unfortunately, when you have a patio, a build-up of moss is pretty much a given. This means that you are always making sure that you get rid of moss during your maintenance. There are so many different ways that you can go about removing moss from your patio, but a lot of them are merely short-term fixes and do not really stop the moss from growing back.

Moss is very unpredictable and will grow anywhere that there is an opportunity. It commonly grows in the spaces between paving stones and will spread throughout your whole paving if allowed. Moss typically grows on paving where dirt or soil has been blown across due to windy winter conditions. It also thrives in areas that are humid, damp and also shaded. 

In this article, we will look at different ways that you can get rid of moss and ensure that it does not come back anytime soon. 


How Moss Forms On Paving Stones 


In the right conditions, moss can grow on pretty much any surface. In addition to this, both asphalt and concrete often provide the perfect conditions for moss to grow. Moss thrives in moist and shaded conditions, and paving stones are often just that. Therefore as your paving gets more and more dirty through daily wear and tear, seeing the growth of moss is extremely common. 

Moss can also thrive in cracks that appear in paving stones. This is because the dirt can often get trapped within these cracks which can once again provide perfect conditions for moss growth. Moss is so prevalent because it provides all the food that it needs on its own and therefore it will never die out without actually being removed. 

Due to this, it is super important to ensure that you are constantly on top of removing moss as soon as it arrives. However, it is super important to not only ensure that you are getting rid of the moss but also prevent it from coming back anytime soon. 


How To Get Rid Of It


Remove As Soon As Possible



One of the most effective ways of getting rid of unwanted moss and also preventing its growth from returning is getting rid of all moss as soon as you see it. This is because, the longer the moss is in place, the longer it has to root and spread. This could then result in a much bigger moss problem that spreads all throughout your paving. 

As soon as you see moss appear in areas of your paving, that is when the best time to perform some maintenance is when you first notice its growth. You can use any of the following tips to remove the moss. But the main thing to take away is that the removal needs to be performed in a quick manner to make sure that the roots do not get comfortable and spread. 

Cleaning Paving Slabs With Bicarbonate Of Soda 


One very unconventional yet very effective way of getting rid of unwanted paving weeds is by using bicarbonate of soda. When eradicating moss from your garden, bicarbonate of soda, or baking soda, is a very powerful substance that will get rid of the moss in no time.


All you need to do is apply a layer of the baking soda solution to the affected area making sure that you cover it all and then leave overnight. You should repeat this process for a few days before you see the results. The baking soda is effective as it raises the pH, which the moss really does not like. 

You should make sure to clean the baking soda off and handle it with care as it is a chemical substance after all. However, baking soda is phenomenal and natural if you frequently wash it away then you will not have to worry about damaging your pavers in any way. 

Cleaning Patio Slabs With Vinegar


While white vinegar is relatively popular for killing weeds and lichens, it may seem a little dysfunctional for removing moss. However it is not, it is just as effective at getting rid of moss as it is getting rid of weeds. This is because the vinegar helps to break down the unwanted moss and resultantly makes it far easier to unroot and remove. This not only means that the moss will disappear but also that it should not come back anytime soon. 

To DIY your vinegar cleaning solution you should simply add some vinegar to a spray bottle, then dilute the vinegar with equal parts water to create the solution in the sprayer. You then should simply spray the solution in all of the affected areas and then let it sit for an hour or so. You can then use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of the surface-level moss. 

The reason why you dilute the patio cleaner solution and use a soft-bristled brush as opposed to a harder-bristled brush is so that you do not cause any damage to the surface of your pavers. These two little tips will ensure that you get rid of the unwanted moss while also avoiding any other damage. 

Cleaning Patio With A Pressure Washer 


One of the most popular ways of getting rid of moss from your paving stones is by using a jet wash. Most jet washes actually have a specific attachment that is specially designed to clean paving stones. These attachments will ensure that the power washer does not cause microfractures to your paving which can then result in chipping and cracks in the winter months. 

If however, you do not have this attachment then you should simply make sure that you do not hold the nozzle closer than a foot from the stones. This will ensure that you do not damage your paving stones. 

Pressure washing is amazing at clearing moss as it can fully bring up all the moss on your paving stones. With jet washes, you can also be sure that they will completely uproot the moss so that it will not grow back anytime soon. It is by far the simplest way to eradicate moss. In addition to cleaning away unwanted moss, the jet wash can also help to revive any dirty paving stones. 

Cleaning Paving With A Moss Killer


The last thing to use for effective moss removal is a standard moss killer that you can get from any home appliance store. Most of them are very simple applications where you just spray the surface cleaner on the affected areas and leave it to work its magic. You will more than likely have to repeatedly apply for a few days to see the results. 

One of the main benefits of commercial moss cleaners is undoubtedly their ease of use. In addition to this, they are specially formulated to target moss and to also make sure that the moss does not grow back. Once the dead moss, all you need to do is rake out the moss and clean it with boiling water for perfectly moss-free paving. 

The only reason that we do not recommend higher and also will throw a slight disclaimer is because of the chemicals that are commonly used within these products. If used too often then you could run the risk of causing chemical damage to your nearby plants and paving which can discolour the stone.

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