What Are The Most Popular Block Paving Colours

What Are The Most Popular Block Paving Colours

Block paving is a hugely popular paving slab choice all across the UK. The reasoning for this is that they truly are a landscaping dream. Block pavers are incredibly high quality, hard-wearing, versatile and are also extremely low maintenance. They are also incredibly aesthetic and can be laid in a number of ways which can help to add a new charm and character to your outdoor area.

Block paving bricks come in a huge number of different colours. The colour of a garden or driveway block paving can have a huge impact on the aesthetic and character of a home's exterior. Therefore understanding what colours of block paving there are and how they will look is a huge decision that needs to be made when thinking about having block paving installed.

In this article, we will look at what block paving is and what are the most popular colours of block paving.


What Is Block Paving?


Block paving, also known as brick paving, is a form of decorative paving that is used all across the world. This kind of paving has a huge number of benefits with the main one being that it is incredibly easy to bring up the bricks and replace them if they become worn out or damaged. This allows you to very easily maintain the aesthetic of your paving and keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.


Block paving is a brilliant paving alternative to porcelain paving and natural stone paving and is perfect for use on patios, driveways, pavements and any other paved areas or outdoor spaces. They can be laid in a number of different ways which gives you the ability to personalise your paving to your home.


Block Paving Colours


There is a huge range of block paving colours on the market. When dealing with block paving stones there are two main categories, those that are made with one colour and those that are made using a mixture of colours. The colours are:


Charcoal Block paving



Charcoal block pavers are very dark grey/black in colour to give off the stunning charcoal effect, however, the tones of the stone will more often than not vary slightly between paving sets. These dark stones give a very modern and luxurious feel to your outdoor space and will be sure to take the aesthetic of your outdoor area to a whole new level.


Grey Block Paving



Grey block paving stones are pretty much pure concrete block paving stones. The concrete typically sets in a grey colour. While this colour is not the most exciting, it can still be used to create a neat and aesthetic patio. Grey block paving is also the cheapest colour of block paving on the market due to the fact that there is nothing added to the stone to change its colour.


Red Block Paving



Red paving is a stunning colour option for block paving. These red stones have a huge amount of charm and character and can give your garden space a truly unique and stylish feel. The red pavers can often have shades of pink and terracotta within. These red colour block pavers are very commonly used for driveways as they are both extremely aesthetic and they also show dirt and oil marks which can help motorists spot things such as oil leaks.


Buff Block Paving



Buff is a beautiful stone with a breathtaking yellow colouring but varies considerably depending on the batch. The bright and fresh stone can act as a phenomenal feature in any outdoor space whether that be a patio, driveway or any other form of paving. Buff block paving is often used in block paving patterns but is also perfect for use anywhere in your outdoor area.


Brindle Block Paving



Brindle block paving is by far the most popular colour of block pavers in the UK currently. The stunning mix of charcoal colouring and red colouring creates a magnificently magical charm which will look amazing on the exterior of any home. This particular type of block paving is incredibly cost-effective, due to the high supply caused by the high demand. It is a phenomenal colour for bordering, cobble, walling, kerbs, driveways and even for full outdoor patios.


Autumn Block Paving



This stunning colour of block paving features stunning shades of buff red and brown to create a stunning colour which very much resembles the fallen autumn leaves. This colour of paving allows you to have these stunning autumnal colours decorating your home's exterior all year round. It is perfect for pavings and driveways as it gives them a certain charm and character which is extremely difficult to replicate.


Heather Block Paving



Heather is one of the most unique colours of block paving. With tones of buff, charcoal, red and brown, this stunning stone has an incredibly special purple complexion. While this colour is not the most popular, to the right visionary this stone can truly help to transform the exterior of your home and add a whole new charm.


What Is The Most Popular Colour Of Block Paving?


There are so many colours of block paving and each colour appeals to its own set of individuals and has its own functionalities. However, the most popular colours of block paving are undoubtedly red and brindle. Both of these colours are incredibly similar with brindle being a mix of both red and charcoal. These are the colours that you will see most often in gardens and driveways all across the UK.


However, the popularity of the colour does not really matter. If you like the colour and you believe that it would look good in your outdoor areas then other people's choices are not relevant. All block pavers are incredibly high quality and incredibly good-looking, so will last a lifetime. While the popularity of the colours we have listed varies, they are all still stunning stones that have their own uniqueness and charm that help them to look amazing in any outdoor space.


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