5 Natural Ways To Remove Weeds Growing Between Paving Stones

5 Natural Ways To Remove Weeds Growing Between Paving Stones

Weeds are undoubtedly the biggest nuisances in your outdoor area. There is nothing worse than having a brand new, beautiful paving installed for it to become infested by eyesores such as weeds. If left for too long they will spread their seeds and spread throughout your paving even more. 

For this reason, it is super important to get rid of these pesky weeds before they spread and become far more difficult to contain. There are a huge number of ways to effectively get rid of weeds and also many ways of preventing them from ever coming back.



1 - Pull Them Out




The easiest and most cost-effective way to eradicate weeds from your paving stones would be to simply pull them out. While this is very simple, it is also extremely effective. It is actually the most effective way of making sure that they do not come back. 


You should pull them out as close to the root as possible to ensure that the weed cannot regrow and repopulate between your pavers. It could be made even easier by wetting the area of weeds that you would like to remove. This is because it will dampen the soil and pulling weeds is far easier from damp soil than it is from dry soil. 


If your paving is very tight you could use a kitchen knife to scrape the weeds from in between your pavings. This is a very simple and cost-effective way of de-weeding your paving areas.



2 - Use Your Power Washer




A power washer is not only a phenomenal piece of equipment to help you clean your paving, but it can also be extremely useful when trying to get rid of nuisance weeds from the cracks in your paving. The washer will use its pressure to loosen the weed and its roots as well as remove them. This can be a brilliant and easy way of clearing weeds from between your pavers. 


However, you should be careful. You need to ensure that you do not get rid of the sand in between your pavers. To do this you should turn your pressure washer to a slightly less harsh setting such as the fan nozzle.



3 - Use Salt




Believe it or not, salt can actually be extremely effective when killing any kind of plant, especially weeds. It is also an extremely natural way that has little to no effect on the environment.


What you should do with the salt is create a saltwater formula. Simply mix three parts of water and one part of pure salt together. Placing salt on the areas that have been taken over by weeds will not only kill the weeds but will also prevent the weeds from growing back. You should, however, keep this away from any plants that you are wanting to keep as it can kill them as well as the weeds. 


Saltwater formulas are another phenomenally cost-effective and powerful way of eradicating the weeds that have grown between your pavers. So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean up your paving and get rid of the weeds then look no further.



4 - Boiling Water




Believe it or not, another amazing way of getting rid of weeds that have grown between your pavers is using boiling water. While this may sound incredibly unconventional it is a process that has been used for years and is extremely effective and not only helps to get rid of the weeds but also prevents them from growing back once removed. 


You simply boil the kettle and then pour the boiling hot water on all of the weeds that you want to get rid of until they have all been soaked with the water. The hot water can travel quickly into the soil and kill roots to ensure that there is no possibility of regrowth. It may take a few applications to fully kill the roots but once the roots are dead, your problems will be solved. 


This is again another fantastic way of eradicating weeds without any environmental repercussions or costly solutions. Boiling water can be found in any kitchen and is a phenomenal killer of weeds.



5 - White Vinegar




White vinegar is another weed killer that can most likely be found at home in your kitchen. This white vinegar is used to make a solution that then kills the weeds. The solution is a mix of white vinegar and dish soap. You should mix two teaspoons of dish soap with the white vinegar. 


The solution will help to dry the weeds out almost instantly. The vinegar dries up the weed by sucking out all of the water from the roots. The addition of the dish soap helps to target the exterior of the plant so that the vinegar can penetrate and get to work quicker. 


However, it is super important to only apply this to weeds on paving. If you applied this same solution to lawn weeds then the outcome could be devastating. This strong solution could discolour your lawn by turning it yellow or even kill the area it has been applied to.



There are so many natural ways that you can get rid of weeds from your paving stones. Most of them are extremely cheap and can be done with just a few items from your kitchen. While weeds are huge nuisances that can become pest-like to your garden, they can be eradicated extremely quickly and easily. However, it is super important to begin the process of extracting the weeds as soon as you notice them. 


The longer weeds are left, the more they will spread their seeds and populate. Weeding becomes far harder when there are more weeds that you have to deal with. These simple fixes that we have listed in this article will work wonders when trying to contain and get rid of your weed problems.

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