How Much Does A New Paving Or Patio Cost?

How Much Does A New Paving Or Patio Cost?

Having a new patio installed can become a very expensive affair. The materials that you use and how you choose to lay the stones can have a huge impact on the overall price of your new paving, so whether you are on a big budget or a smaller restricted budget, your material choice can make a huge difference. 


There are 4 main paving stone material choices that are particularly popular in the UK, sandstone, limestone, natural slate and porcelain. Each of these paving types has its very own benefits and also costs. They are all very unique in their aesthetic and are therefore better suited to different individuals and styles. 


Sandstone Paving


As a paving stone material, sandstone is by far one of the most premium and expensive stones. This is mostly down to their beautifully high-end aesthetic and countless phenomenal benefits. In addition to this, the stunning Indian sandstone paving installed at your home can help add value to your property. 


As you can imagine, it is very difficult to put a concrete price on the stone as it very much depends on variables such as size and location. You would typically pay anywhere from £25 - £35 per metre square, not including all labour and material costs. Obviously, the price can increase a fair amount when taking into account labour and also other materials that help lay stones. 


While prices for sandstone are higher than other paving materials, they still very much represent great value for money. This is because they are a phenomenal product that has a plethora of amazing benefits such as impressive durability, unique aesthetic, resistance to weather as well as a host of stunning natural colours that can transform your outdoor space.


Limestone Paving


As a paving stone material, limestone is a slightly cheaper option than sandstone, but not by a huge amount. Limestone is actually classed as one of the cheapest natural stones on the market. However, this is not reflected in the aesthetic of the stone. The stone's surface still looks gorgeous with its stunning lightly riven surface and its huge range of natural colours with complementing natural hues. 


The cost of the limestone can differ depending on the colour of the natural stone. You can look to spend between £18 and £30 metre square, not including labour or other materials. Labour can be a huge cost in the installation of new paving which can bring the average cost of paving to around £100 metre square. So once again, the overall price of your paving has so many variables. 


Again, the cost of limestone represents extremely impressive value for money. Natural paving has a plethora of amazing benefits that make it worth every penny such as increased durability, lightly riven surface, low maintenance and of course the fact that it is incredibly cost-effective. 


Slate Paving Stone


Much like limestone and sandstone, slate paving is hugely popular in the paving industry. Natural slate paving, while incredibly beautiful, does come at a slightly higher price than both sandstone and limestone. Natural slate is actually one of the most expensive natural slate materials on the market due to its high-end look and structural complexity. Despite being on the pricier side of things, the natural slate paving still represents incredible value for money.


As you can imagine, the cost of natural slate paving has many variables whether that be colour, shape, size and more. You can expect to pay anywhere between £30 - £45 metre square, not including labour or other materials. Slate usually comes in either black or grey, with black being the slightly more expensive of the two. 


While slate paving is on the more expensive side of paving materials, they have a huge amount of phenomenal benefits that make natural slate worth every penny. It is incredibly durable, stain-resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically stunning. In addition to this, adding slate paving can increase the value of your property. 


Porcelain Paving Stones 


Porcelain paving stones are undoubtedly one of the most expensive paving stone materials in the industry. However, the man-made stone is manufactured to the highest possible specifications to solve all the problems of natural stone, so the price tag is understandable. It can also be a more difficult and therefore costly installation process due to the complexity of the stone. However, the end results are truly breathtaking and worth every penny. 


With porcelain paving stones you can expect to pay anything between £30 - £45 per metre squared. While pricey, the phenomenal man-made stone has a huge number of benefits such as extreme durability, non-porous nature, resistance to colour fading and is also incredibly low maintenance. In addition to this, each paver has a stunning aesthetic as they are specially designed to emulate natural stone, but without the natural defects which can be common in natural stones. 


What Is The Cost Of Laying Paving Stones?


When looking for brand new paving, unfortunately, the cost of the paving stone materials is not all that you need to factor into the total cost. You also need to take into account the costs of labour and all the materials that go into the installation process. This is not cheap, especially if you are choosing a reputable company with immense experience. While in theory, you can lay the paving stones yourself (how to lay paving stones) we do not recommend this unless you have previous experience as you could end up doing more damage than good. 


Depending on the company that you go with, you can expect to pay between £55 and £100 per square metre on labour alone. This is a cost that should never be overlooked as the better the installation, the better your paving will perform over the years. A high-quality installation means high-quality paving which will live in your home's outdoor area for years to come and always look stunning. 

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