How To Upgrade Your Patio For The Summer Months

How To Upgrade Your Patio For The Summer Months

With the start of summer just a few weeks away you may be looking at your garden patio and thinking it is a long way away from being summer ready. Well, with the weather on the rise and spirits high, now is the perfect time to get on your patio and get it ready for the very fast-approaching summer months.


There are a number of different steps that you should take to transform your patio space into the perfect place to unwind and relax in the warmer months. In this article, we will detail exactly what you should do to your paving to ensure that it is fully ready when summer comes on June 21st.


Give It A Thorough Spring Clean



The first and most important step to ensuring that your patio is ready for summer is a thorough spring clean. After the harsh British winter, it is extremely common for your paving to be full of unwanted dirt, weeds, moss and other blemishes that could be ruining its aesthetic. A spring clean will get rid of all that unwanted dirt and grime and make sure that the paving looks as good as the day it was installed. 


Deweed The Paving



One of the first steps of any patio cleaning is de-weeding the patio. Over the colder winter months, many of us fall victim to neglecting the maintenance and upkeep of our outdoor areas. Therefore, It is hugely common to find a huge amount of weeds when you revisit your paving. 


Many people do not realize that excessive weed growth can be very bad for your paving stones and can even cause damage that can be very difficult to reverse. That is why it is super important that you get rid of the weeds before the summer month when they thrive the most. 


There are a number of different ways in which you can de-weed your patio such as weed killer, using salt solutions, vinegar solutions, and so many more. One of the cheapest and most effective methods would be to simply pull them out by hand ensuring that their roots are fully out. This will ensure you have the best chance of them not coming back.


Jet Wash The Paving


The next step in cleaning your patio is to perform a deep cleaning of your patio stones using a jet wash. Over the not-so-pleasant English winter months, rainy spells, freezing temperatures and strong winds will have caused a huge build-up of dirt and grime on the surface of your patio. This will make your outdoor space unappealing in the summer months. That is why it is hugely important to clean the stones. 


Jet washing your patio will help to bring up any unwanted and excess dirt from your paving and help bring out the natural tones of the stone. Simply jet wash each paving stone carefully ensuring that you are bringing up all of the dirt and then brush away all excess water once you have finished. 


It is super important to note that when you are jet washing or using any kind of power washer on your paving you need to be super careful. Always hold the nozzle of the washer over a foot away from the surface of the stone to avoid any surface damage such as cracking or chipping.


De-Pest The Paving


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to enjoy your outdoor areas in the summer month but constantly being attacked by bugs crawling up you or flying around you. That is why it is super important to do all that you can before the summer to prevent an abundance of pests from ruining your summer. 


There are a number of ways that you can very effectively keep pests away from your paving over the summer months. The first and most important way would be to simply keep your area nice and tidy. Bugs are more often than not drawn to dirty areas, therefore, keeping your patio area as tidy as possible will help to keep them at bay. 


Another way would be to add draining. This is because bugs are often drawn to standing water. Draining will ensure that you do not have areas of standing water which will attract unwanted pests. Another more creative way of getting rid of pests would be to use mouthwash. Simply spraying alcohol-based mouthwash around your paving. This is because the alcohol contents within the mouthwash are brilliant pest and bug deterrents. 


Find out more ways to keep your paving pest free this summer.



Add Some Furniture



No patio area is truly complete without the complement of some stunning outdoor furniture. Over the summer months, the main use of a patio is to unwind, relax and enjoy the sun. But without furniture on your patio, you will very much struggle to do any of them. 


Many people will already have garden furniture which has been stored away for the winter, but if you do not then it is vital for becoming truly summer ready. Finding patio furniture does not have to be expensive, you can often find some beautiful pieces of garden furniture on second-hand websites, or discount websites or you can even DIY your own furniture.


A patio is intended to be an outdoor extension of your living space. This, therefore, means that you should feel at home and comfortable when utilising this space. Having furniture which will allow you to relax and unwind in the warmer months is a blessing and also a huge benefit of patio spaces.


Add Some Plants



Another way of creating the perfect summer oasis to embrace the summer weather is through the addition of plants and greenery. Plants are a phenomenal addition to any outdoor area that can breathe a new sense of life and freshness. The addition of plants is therefore perfect for transforming your space for the upcoming summer months. 


Plants can be used on a patio in many ways, they can be used to add style and life but they can also be used to help up the privacy of your outdoor area. If you have neighbours close to you then adding tall plants to your patio space can create a layer of privacy that will allow you to feel fully comfortable when enjoying your outdoor patio space. 


In addition to this, plants help to enhance the experience of relaxing on your patio. They bring colour, scent and a magical charm that will truly transform your whole patio space. Whether you are outdoor dining, hosting friends and family or just relaxing on your own, patio plants help to enhance the beauty of your space so that you can enjoy the weather in your own serene sanctuary. 


Add A Firepit



There is nothing better in the summer months than making the absolute most of the lighter and warmer nights by sitting outside with friends and loved ones until the early hours of the morning. However, in the UK we are not quite fortunate enough to have the weather that lasts all through the night. This is why a firepit can be a welcomed addition to any patio area. 


Fireplaces are not only an extraordinary source of heat as the temperatures settle as the night goes on, but they can also create an incredibly cosy and comfortable atmosphere. In addition to this, fireplaces can help get rid of unwanted pests such as flies, mosquitos, moths and more. 


Transforming your garden for summer is all about creating a space in which you want to spend your time in. A fire pit is not only a feature that can look very nice, but it is also a feature that can help to bring all the family and friends together. Everyone gathered around the fire telling stories and talking to one another, those are the true summer memories.


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