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Circles, cobbles and walling can all add an additional feature to your garden.
Whether it is to create a border, a feature piece or a raised bed, this natural stone will complement your patio perfectly.

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Stone Cobbles

Natural stone cobbles are some of the most popular materials for a traditional look and feel. Offering a wide range of colours and two sizes. Natural stone is extremely strong and durable, standing up to wear and tear, lasting a lifetime.

Cobbles are more accurately known as setts also referred to as Belgian block or sampietrino was, and continues to be laid for paving roads and paths. Renowned as a long-lasting and easily maintainable paving method. Historically setts and cobbles were particularly popular for use on steeper streets as cobbles provided horses with better grip than a smooth surface.  

Famous throughout the world this paving method is sure to enhance your driveway or patio.  Cobbles are also used as edging material and as a feature piece to other hand hun paving slabs in some of our favourite projects.


Feature walls for showcasing water and plant features are a sure fire way to make a bold statement in the garden and outside. Used in rustic step risers, water features and garden seats.

By investing a little more in having them laid properly. Natural stone paving products require very little maintenance, requiring only the occasional cleaning, usually done with a pressure washer.

Natural stones are universally used in interior and exterior applications only your imagination is your limit.


Decorative Circles are a striking feature piece to any patio or laid as a feature in a garden. Circle kits are also used as steps to great effect.

We recommend using circles without the squaring off kit as a rule as the square surround lessens the impact of the circle feature. Portions of the squaring off kit are best used for ease of installation or if the circle is abutting an edge of the patio. Trust us we have been doing this for nearly a decade now.

Circle kits come in Autumn Brown, Ray Green, Kandla Grey and Mint Fossil Indian sandstone.


At Infinite Paving, we provide a wide range of high-quality paving options. Our Circle Stone paving is no exception, with different colours, styles and sizes on offer to give you exactly what you want and need. Since 2009, we have supplied high-quality natural stone paving to a wide range of customers, both private and commercial. 

Our paving delivers quality every time, with long-lasting strength and an attractive appearance that’s ready to stand the test of time. It’s why our customers love us – and why they come back time and again. Take a look at our Circle Stone paving options and select the one that’s right for you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Maybe you need some advice on your choice of paving? Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team.