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Indian Limestone Paving

Indian Limestone Paving

Indian limestone paving is hard wearing with a slightly softer surface to the touch than Indian sandstone paving.
Natural Limestone stone paving will add a unique charm to your garden.

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Limestone Paving

Limestone works great for paving as it is a strong, durable, long-lasting material that looks beautiful, classic, and natural. These materials will hold up well against typical wear and tear from use and weather, making sure your paving looks beautiful and lasts. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that comes in a variety of colours and is quarried in various areas of the world. They have a traditional and classic appearance, but they are also a quality product that will be effective as a paving stone.

Limestone comes in a variety of colours from black, greys, blues, and tan colours. They are grainy and easy to cut and shape, making them good to work with, especially for paving.

Limestone paving is strong and durable, offering a great paving option without costing too much. It is important to note that limestone is affected by acid which can cause discolouration, wear and tear over time and even pitting in some areas.

Benefits of Indian Limestone

Indian limestone product is a great option for paving your property as it provides good performance that will last well and maintain its quality. They come in a range of different colours and textures that allow you to find the look you are after for your property.

Limestone is extremely sturdy, durable, and strong. It will last well and hold up to both physical and environmental wear, maintaining its look and quality. However, limestone is more susceptible to wear and tear from acid and may erode more than other materials if exposed to acidic substances, such as acid based cleaners.

Laying Limestone

As with all our natural stone paving, we recommend laying limestone paving on a full bed of sand and cement mix to a ratio of 5:1. This will help avoid any patches on your stone paving coming up from below. Calibrated natural stone paving is machined to the same thickness, usually 22mm, to make it easier to lay and help reduce the time levelling out your paving slabs.

By laying the stone properly and evenly you ensure that weight and impacts are distributed across the ground, which will make sure your limestone paving lasts long and doesn’t shift or lose its shape.

Limestone Paving Applications

Limestone can be used in paving for a number of applications, including your pathways, driveways, and any other landscaping needs. They are great for interior and exterior design options, offering both beauty and functionality. They can accent a yard, create a walkway, or be used for an entire driveway.

Limestone paving can be used both inside and outside, since it is ideal for creating retaining walls, various accents, and flooring materials. They can be used for paving pathways, garden areas, and even driveways, ensuring a stylish design and welcoming appearance.

Limestone paving is a sturdy material suited to designing creative and innovative patterns, as you can pair various colours, textures, and styles. Since these paving stones come in a variety of sizes and can be cut straight, they can interconnect and you can create a variety of patterns with them. This interactivity and ease of use allows limestone to be used in a variety of paving applications, including both personal and professional uses.