Landscaping Trends 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Landscaping Trends 2022: Everything You Need To Know

The popularity of garden landscaping has increased over the last decade, but the last few years have seen an even greater rise due to lockdowns resulting in people spending more time at home and in their gardens. Because of this, many homeowners have invested in redesigning their gardens to include idyllic areas to sit and relax, entertain guests or create play areas for their children. 


In fact, according to The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), almost three million Britons have taken up gardening since the pandemic started back in 2019. Consequently, those in the landscaping industry, such as architects and builders, need to understand what homeowners want from their garden spaces in order to foster the trends.


If contemporary landscaping designs are more your thing, why not take a look at our top modern garden trends to look out for in 2022. 


2021 Landscaping Trends Recap




Last year, Britain and Ireland were blessed with heatwaves and periods of unusually hot weather that led to record-breaking temperatures. Because of this, British and Irish homeowners had a new infatuation with creating aesthetically pleasing outdoor areas where they could enjoy this weather. 


From this new craze, a number of landscaping and exterior trends emerged including balcony gardening, inside-outside gardening and Rattan furniture pieces like the well-sought-after egg chair. Not only this, but trends like intricate paving designs were at an all-time high last year with more and more gardens incorporating stone, concrete pieces, and detailed patterns.


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Landscaping Trends to Look Out For in 2022


Natural Stone Paving




Natural stone paving is a type of outdoor paving commonly used for patios, driveways, and pavements. Natural stone pavers, or paving slabs, are crafted from a variety of natural stones, including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and slate. Among man's earliest technologies, natural stone paving trends have been around for a very long time, and for good reason as well. The unique colour and texture of this type of paving is the result of centuries of geological processes, rather than chemical dyes.


There are many different types of natural stone paving including Sandstone paving, Limestone paving, Granite paving and finally Slate paving to name a few. However, over the last few years, Indian Sandstone paving, Indian Limestone paving and Brazilian slate paving have become more and more popular for homeowners and gardeners across the UK and Ireland. 


Introduced in the 1990's, Indian Sandstone has become the first choice for natural stone paving in the UK and Ireland, due to the fact that it offers a rustic charm to your space, without costing the earth. Furthermore, Indian limestone paving is hard-wearing with a slightly softer surface to the touch than Indian sandstone paving. This type of natural stone paving is loved by so many due to the fact that it comes in a variety of colours from black, greys, blues, and tan colours that will add a unique charm to your garden.


These exotic modern paving trends have become favourites among homeowners over the last couple of years, and we predict that interest will continue to grow into 2022. 


Unusual Plants and Trees




Whether you have a few square feet to spare in your garden or even a balcony with some extra space, be prepared to get your green thumb out this year. There has been a dramatic increase in demand for unusual plants in recent years, with more people looking for exotic and uncommon species of greenery.


In fact, over the last few months, Google Search Trend data has shown that searches for ‘unusual plants’ has risen by a vast 80%.  


Therefore as we look ahead to 2022, we predict this trend will evolve and we will observe more homeowners and gardeners opting for unusual plants and trees in their gardens. Among the species to watch for are:  


  • Chinese fairy bells (Disporum longistylum)
  • Porcelain berry (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata)
  • Sandersonia aurantiaca
  • Gas plant (Dictamnus albus)
  • Doll’s eyes (Actaea pachypoda)


Interior and Exterior Integration




As the lockdowns have forced many people to stay at home for an extended period of time, the trend of combining indoor and outdoor living spaces has been on the rise ever since. This year we predict that this trend will continue to grow, and more people will invest in things like outdoor office spaces and indoor plant gardens. 


There are many ways to create the perfect indoor-outdoor space that are inexpensive and cost-effective. For example, if you have an open plan kitchen that looks onto your garden, why not invest in some floor-to-ceiling glass doors to merge the two spaces. This works extremely well in the summer months when some of your cooking and eating may be done outside. 


Furthermore, we predict that outdoor living and working spaces are going to be more popular than ever this year. Budding garden enthusiasts will be looking to style their outside space just like they would their interiors. 


Adding daylight and fresh air to your living space is what this trend is all about, so if you enjoy spending your days outdoors, you should embrace interior and exterior integration.


If you are thinking of taking advantage of your outdoor space and have no idea where to start, then take a look at our guide on whether you should choose decking or paving for your garden.


Fencing for Privacy




Most of us can agree that spending more time at home is a pleasant change, especially because we have more opportunities to fully enjoy our garden. However, this is not without its own challenges, and many homeowners are concerned about the issue of privacy in their own gardens. 


Privacy is an increasingly important issue because houses are now being built on smaller plots, and more of us are spending time at home due to some restrictions still being in place. Thankfully, there are a few cost-effective things you can do to create a more intimate outdoor space. Fencing for privacy is one trend that we think is going to really take off this year, and there are many ways you can implement this in your own backyard. Aside from surrounding your entire outdoor space with fencing, why not think about creating a private area that is covered by a higher fence or screen. 


We must emphasise though that many districts, developments and individual houses have planning laws that restrict the height of a garden fence on a boundary so it’s best to do some research into the laws in your area first. 


Gravel Paths




One final landscaping trend we see emerging from 2022 is gravel paths. In fact, Google Search Trend data has revealed that searches for the term ‘gravel garden ideas’ have risen by 120% within the last twelve months. 


To achieve this look in your own garden there are a few things you need to know. For example, medium-sized gravel is best for paths or driveways, as the stones need to be comfortable to walk on with minimal movement. We suggest going with some angular gravel between 10mm or 14mm as that won't displace easily. 


Last but not least, gravel is one of the easiest and cheapest materials to handle when it comes to redecorating your garden. It will feel soft underfoot, but it is also solid enough to handle heavy garden machinery. In addition, although the look is informal, you can use it to complement a formal garden, especially when you add a stone border.


If you are planning on transforming your own garden this year and would like some further inspiration for your paving, why not take a look at the hand split paving and sawn paving materials we offer. 

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